Personal Training

Tete Personal Lifestyle will help you to achieve your goals through a combination of training, lifestyle and nutritional advice. Personal training consists of a combination of cardio, strength and box exercises which ultimately result in burning fat, improving overall condition and developing muscle mass.

During the intake your personal goals will be discussed in detail and a customized training program designed for your individual needs. Together you will agree on a training approach which allows you to achieve your personal goals in the most effective and enjoyable way.


For optimal results, training is normally scheduled three times per week, although this may vary depending on individual goals and desired results. In addition to personal training, your trainer is able to provide advice on how to approach your own, individual workout sessions in a way which both compliments your training program and further develops the techniques and approaches taught to you by your trainer.


Personal training is possible at various sport schools in the Amsterdam and Purmerend area or alternatively at a location of your choice (even in the comfort of your home!)

For more information about Personal Training, or to receive an informal offer, please contact